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We are proud to present our first familylab magazine. It contains articles from Jesper Juul & Hedvig Montgomery, as well as exciting information about our organisation. Enjoy! Magazine Link



Czech Republic joins Familylab Association.


14th project

Online Summit
More information about this project will be available soon.

13th project

Workshops for schools & pre-schools in relational competence in Bulgaria.
More information about this project will be available soon.

12th project

„Dare to be human“ program in Serbia.
More information about this project will be available soon.

11th project

School Integration Croatia / Serbia / Slovenia, project for teachers. Read more here

10th project

School Integration Croatia / Serbia / Slovenia, project for teachers. Read more here

9th project

Book tour with the book „The art to say no“ in Turkey

More information about this Project will be available soon.

8th project

Cycle of talks on values, education and gender – Madrid, Spain
1st talk: March 16th 2019 – Education, masculinity & men By Fabián Luján

7th project

Conference in Krakow in May 2019



Latvia joins Familylab Association.

6th project

School Integration Croatia / Serbia / Slovenia
Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, have designed a one-year training project with an aim to offer professional support, inspiration and training to kindergarten staff, school teachers and other pedagogues, in the field of relational competence development, establishing, building and maintaining relations with children, adolescents and parents with whom they are working every day within their pedagogical practice. The aim of the project is to make progress in the development of the relational competence of pedagogues and to enable them to connect, to learn and to exchange values which are the basis for promoting the mental health of children, adolescents, adults and the entire society.

Read more about their experience here


5th project

The Power of Relationship
Developing relational competences in pedagogical relations.

As professionals and practitioners with many years of experience in the field of preschool education in Serbia, we have recognized the increasing need of educators and professional associates to systematically describe and circulate processes in interpersonal relationships through which they work together with children, parents and colleagues during their work. The program we created corresponds to the need for the cultivation and promotion of socio-emotional competencies of preschool teachers, through the concept of relational competences, as suggested by Juul and Jensen.
Program points to the importance of developing relational competences for educators and other professionals who works in preschool facilities. Many of them already recognize importance of developing strong relationships, importance of improving and strengthening the quality of relationships with a child, colleague or parent. In other words, in order to achieve their professional goals, educators ought to develop relational competencies.

Read more about this project here

4th project

Familylab Association Magazine.
We are proud to present our first magazine.
Magazine link


Bulgaria & Turkey join Familylab Association.

3rd project

Familylab Association held an event in Strasbourg, France in May 2017 with the purpose of meeting people on-site. Most of the country leaders arround the world were present.

Enjoy the interview with Jesper here

2nd project

Jesper Juul’s & Helle Jensen’s book „Pædagogisk relationskompetence – fra lydighed til ansvarlighed“ was translated into the English language.
The book is available in the book shop of familylab Germany:

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Belgium, Serbia & Spain join Familylab Association.


1st project

In our first year, we put our focus on building an internal archive for all literature written by Jesper Juul. All papers in all languages were collected. The goal of this first project was, to assure that all country leaders arround the globe can receive access to all the information which is important for a highlevel education of families in their countries. If you have any questions about our first project, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Canada, Denmark & the Netherlands join Familylab Association.



Foundation of Familylab Association with 13 countries.

”Be careful about making playtime into a duty. Play with your child and see if you find it meaningful.” Jesper Juul