Purpose of Familylab Association

About the Association

Familylab Association is a charitable organisation that supports its members (countries) as well as future members (countries) worldwide in their work for families, schools and enterprises as well as their development and organisation. It aims to keep and to spread Jesper Juul’s values such as equal dignity, authenticity, integrity and personal responsibility but also further values such as social respect, security and stability within families, schools, enterprises and the society.

Furthermore, the Association aims the ongoing development of further, new values in favour of families, schools, enterprises and the society. The Association supports programs and projects which are purposefully relevant, nationally and internationally, but especially in the countries of its members. It finances activities according to its purpose and uses financial resources efficiently. The Association has charitable character and no profit objectives.

„Show children the same kind of respect that you would show an adult.“
Jesper Juul